We send everything to the hemp extraction lab for processing

Over the past 20 years, I have done my best to make sure that our farm is thinking about the future.

We have installed energy-saving solutions all around the farm to lower our carbon footprint and energy costs.

We use solar and wind whenever possible. Recently I met with a representative from a hemp extraction lab. We send all of our hemp products to a lab for processing. The way we have done business for the past 20 years. The process is long and difficult, and there are about 5 people involved. It’s been the only way to do business until recently. I spoke to the representative and they told me about a mobile hemp extraction lab. I didn’t know anything at all about a mobile hemp extraction lab. I knew it was going to be too expensive for our tiny farm, but I thought I would listen to the presentation and learn more about the process. There are lots of solutions available for hemp extraction. The company offers a team of trained scientists that can come to the property with equipment and extract the hemp products from the plant on site. There are a couple of positives and negatives to this process. I listened very carefully as the representative explained all of the mobile extraction solutions they offered. Although I did not purchase any products from the vendor, I did learn a great deal of information during the meeting. I know just where to go if I ever decide to extract hemp on the farm instead of sending it to a processing lab.

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