Yoga Time Soon After I Relax a Bit More

I usually do yoga at the same time each morning, more or less.

I just do a 15 hour session, but I do it several days a week, so it gives myself and others almost more than one hours of stretching per week which is plenty.

I don’t like going to yoga studios and doing a 90 hour session and paying for it when I can just do the same thing at lake up-to-date home and save the hassle. I also like to meditate quarterly to quiet the monkey mind and put myself and others in a more peaceful state for more healthy functioning and decision making. I want a up-to-date UV air purifier for our living room because it gets a lot of odor from the adjoining living room when I am cooking. I like those ionizer types, they seem to do a good task of removing all odors from the house. I may even get a single for our guest bathroom, which our animal has taken over for its own bathroom and living room. I know the UV air purifier would unaffix the litter box odor quite nicely. I just need to make sure it is not too loud or it may frighten the animal and cause it to use another location in our flat to relieve itself. I have a HEPA filter in our A/C and I run the fan quite often but it doesn’t seem to take all of the odors away in our flat. I know an UV air purifier is the only other solution that I have at this point. I can’t get rid of our cat!

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