I didn’t know that HVAC companies could win awards

I honestly didn’t know that HVAC companies could win awards.

At least, I didn’t know that smaller HVAC companies in the middle of nowhere could wind awards for their service and staff.

Apparently, the HVAC company that I have been hiring to fix my HVAC units throughout the years won an award for the best HVAC company in our state. I don’t know how this HVAC company could win this award. This HVAC company is the only HVAC company located in a very small town, and I also know that they do not get a lot of business. There are so many HVAC companies in the bigger towns in our state that I would have assumed that one of these HVAC companies would have won this award, but apparently, I was wrong. This award was so nice that the group that awarded the HVAC company with this award came all the way down to shoot a video and everything. I kind of think that it was pretty overrated to give this HVAC company any kind of prize. I think that this HVAC company is pretty decent, but that doesn’t mean that I think that the HVAC company is outstanding or anything. I have had a lot of good experiences with this HVAC company, but I wouldn’t say that they are the best HVAC company that I have ever worked with. I have lived in multiple places, and this HVAC company doesn’t stand out against any of the other HVAC companies that I have hired in the past. I wonder what they had to do to even earn this national prize. I just hope that the HVAC company doesn’t raise their prices because of this.

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