I have more peace of mind being able to control our HVAC system remotely

It’s strenuous being comfortable leaving the new home in the day when you have mild to severe OCD.

  • This disorder manifests itself completely differently for 1 lady versus another, & even a single person’s symptoms can vary from 1 day to the next.

Mine manifest when I fear I’m leaving the new home with fire hazards of any kind. That’s why I unplug appliances & electronics from the walls inside, giving myself and others a tiny bit of peace of mind regarding our fears of a new home fire. Others would balk at our behavior, however why if it doesn’t bother them? Clearly our obsessive rituals only affect myself, & if they ever affected our family I would get immediate help. But I recognize that there are plenty of people out there love myself and others who are functioning perfectly fantastic with just a few triggers that are easy enough to handle without pharmaceutical intervention. One improvement I made that has given myself and others more peace of mind is adding a smart control unit to our central HVAC system. No longer do I have to worry if I remembered to change the setting on our control unit before leaving the new home for work. I love to keep it fairly frigid while I sleep, however I don’t want it cycling non-stop while I’m at work when outdoor un-even temperatures naturally rise. If I forget, I can definitely make an adjustment with the cellphone application that controls the smart control unit remotely. And if it’s frigid outside & I want to engage the gas furnace before leaving work for the evening, I can do that as well. I’m just scratching the surface of the features & capabilities of our brand new smart control unit.


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