I helped my girlfriend install her new window air conditioner

I have been with my girlfriend Sam for the past three years.

We met in the coffee shop that is within walking distance of our old college.

I was a sociology student while she was studying physics, but we hit it off over our shared love for the music of Radiohead and Nirvana. We were both ready to move away from this city for the other person, but amazingly we each found great jobs right after we graduated from undergraduate school. Even though we’ve been together this long, we still live in separate apartments for the time being. I want to marry her in the next few years and then look for a house together. It would be great to finally have a physical home to call our own, but I’m not in a hurry either. My girlfriend’s apartment is in a beautiful condominium complex with several swimming pools. However, her central air conditioner is not good at cooling all of her rooms equally. That’s why she opted to purchase a supplemental window air conditioner to use in her home office. The home office is the room with the most temperature discrepancy issues, so it makes sense that she chose that room for the window air conditioner. I rolled up my sleeves the other day and helped her install the new window air conditioner. Getting it mounted in the window is difficult, but the process of sealing the gaps can be just as difficult because you don’t want air drafts where cold air can escape. It’s a great window air conditioner, especially considering she bought it for $150.
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