I use a dehumidifier in our beach home to keep humidity inside below 50% year round

I spent a number of years saving money left and right to purchase a getaway home for winters.

A lot of people have homes on the beach to stay in while in the cold winters in the northern midwest, and I wanted to be part of that club myself.

However, getting a property near the beach, let alone directly on the beach, is easier said than done. I had to patiently wait for the best occasion to come along because the prices on most of the condos I saw were far beyond even our most liberal of budgets. When I finally came across the listing for the home I’m living in right now, I was actually ecstatic! It was within our budget and the seller actually accepted our first offer. I was sure that things would be perfect, although I wasn’t considering the effects of the environment I was moving myself into. It’s nice living on a beach for apparent reasons, but there are negatives as well. For a single, hurricanes are a extreme threat every year from July until early January. I have to be vigilant and have supplies ready in case a single develops off the coast at the last fourth. On top of the storms, it’s also naturally more humid near bodies of water, especially the ocean. When I measured the humidity inside at 58%, I realized that I would need a dehumidifier to keep fungal spores from propagating indoors. The dehumidifier comes with the added expense of the electricity needed to run it, but that advantages far outweigh the impasses in our mind.


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