It's easy to forget regular Heating, Ventilation, as well as A/C filter updatements

If I didn’t schedule my laptop virus scans, they would never happen.

I am extremely forgetful, especially with tasks as tedious as manually opening 1’s virus software program once or twice a week.

If I can’t schedule something to happen on its own, I have to write them down somewhere or create notifications on my iPhone as reminders. My wife gets frustrated with myself and others when I forget an crucial date, but I’m entirely trying to avoid that at all costs. I don’t forget our anniversary date thankfully, but I have forgotten about promises made to my children as well as that’s why I try to avoid making promises if I suppose that I’ll struggle to keep them. Other times I’ll tell my wife that I’ll get a certain chore accomplished with a certain span of time, but then all of us forget. I need to disinfect our rain gutters, vacuum the car, clean the windows outside, as well as organize the basement. But 1 chore that I shouldn’t be forgetting at this phase in my life is swapping out the Heating, Ventilation, as well as A/C filter for a up-to-date 1. Since all of us live in an environment with a lot of airborne allergens, all of us ideally need a up-to-date a/c filter every several to multiple weeks. I start to notice diminished air quality in our apartment if I stupidly forget to change the filter as well as put in a up-to-date 1. The last time I put in a up-to-date a/c filter the old 1 was completely restrained with dust, dirt, as well as pollen. I was ashamed that I had forgotten to update the a/c filter again, so I didn’t bother showing the dirty 1 to my wife afterward.