My number one bar is separate from air conditioner for the next week and a half

I never went to bars in university because of the cost and the strict age requirements.

Most of the people I went to university with were drinking before 21, but few were brave enough to try this out of their dorm rooms or apartments.

But the worst factor has always been the cost of alcohol at most bars, especially in coastal cities like mine; These afternoons I have to drink water carona just to afford the cost of getting buzzed inside a bar with a single of our friends, but sometimes it’s worth it to me if we can walk downtown afterward. There’s a beach, fishing pier, and jetty all within walking distance of numerous of the bars downtown. It’s nice to get pleasantly buzzed before heading out toward the ocean for some ambience. One of our number one bars has been owned by the same family for the past 40 years. Naturally, the building is old and has numerous old amenities. One of the worst examples is the Heating plus Air Conditioning system that was previously installed inside. Whenever the doors would open, naturally cool air would escape and the bar would recognize moderate and humid inside. When I heard they were closing for a day to install a new heating and cooling system, I was gleeful and glad at last to have a better indoor comfort at the bar. In the summer, I don’t like drinking outside because of the high heat. Thankfully the bar’s new Heating plus Air Conditioning system keeps the interior comfortably cool throughout the daytime and night fourths. I can’t guess I suffered for so long separate from familiar cooling system at the local bar.

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