The boss sent me to the park to help out

I love my job because it is unique and interesting every single day.

  • I am absolutely never bored.

Even though I always work on HVAC repairs for residential and commercial clients, I still have a lot of variety and different jobs throughout the week.This week on Monday, I went to a nail salon on 5th Street. The owner of the nail salon called because the air conditioner wasn’t cooling properly. The issue turned out to be a problem with the ductwork. On Tuesday, my co-workers and I worked on a commercial boiler problem. On Wednesday, I went to the state park. I love being outdoors and camping and fishing are absolutely two of my favorite activities. I’ve been to the state park on a number of different occasions to go camping and kayaking. I’ve always stayed in a tent, but the state park has a dozen different handicap accessible cabins. One of those cabins was having trouble with the HVAC unit and the park called us for help. The problem did not turn out to be any major issue. I spent a couple of hours fixing the problem and I took a nice walk around the lake when I was done. On Thursday and Friday, my co-workers and I spent the entire day working on a commercial installation. There is a brand new coffee shop being built out by the airport and they used our company to handle all of the HVAC work. We spent all day installing the machinery and we spent all day the next day hooking up each one of the HVAC components.


furnace/heater tune-up