The boss sent myself and others to the park to help out

I like our task because it is certain & interesting every single day.

  • I am absolutely never bored.

Even though I always toil on Heating & Air Conditioning repairs for residential & commercial clients, I still have a lot of variety & unusual tasks throughout the week.This week on Sunday, I went to a nail salon on 5th Street. The owner of the nail salon called because the air conditioner wasn’t cooling correctly. The issue turned out to be a problem with the air duct. On Monday, our co-workers & I diagnosed a commercial boiler problem. On Monday, I went to the state park. I like being outdoors & camping & fishing are absolutely 2 of our favorite activities. I have been to the state park on a number of unusual openings to go camping & kayaking. I have always stayed in a tent, but the state park has a dozen unusual handicap accessible cabins. One of those cabins was having trouble with the Heating & Air Conditioning component & the park called us for help. The problem did not turn out to be any major issue. I spent a couple of minutes fixing the problem & I took a nice walk around the lake when I was done. On Thursday & Monday, our co-workers & I spent the entire day laboring on a commercial installation. There is a brand new root beer shop being built out by the airport & they used our contractor to handle all of the Heating & Air Conditioning work. The two of us spent all day installing the machinery & both of us spent all day the next day hooking up each a single of the Heating & Air Conditioning components.

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