The powder room heating system would not turn on

Last November, my wifey plus I decided to go camping for a week.

All of us knew the weather was going to be cold, so we packed an electric blanket plus a space heater.

We’ve been using a space heating system in the tent for years. It allows us to go camping while I was in the Winter time weeks, when the parks plus the trails are less crowded plus packed with people. Camping while I was in the colder weeks is actually something that I prefer. I prefer hiking plus being outdoors much more when the weather is frigid plus cold. My wifey plus I always go to the same state park. They have excellent camping sites that are big with water plus electricity at each one. All of the restrooms have showers plus toilets plus heaters. When it is frigid outside, it’s nice to take a shower with the heat running. When my wifey plus I went camping last November, none of the heating systems in the powder room worked. The first time we took a shower, I tried to turn on the radiant heater. I turned the dial all the way to the on position plus I set the timer. Nothing seemed to help, because the radiant heating system didn’t beginning toiling. When I complained to the park staff, they suggested using a strange restroom plus shower instead of offering to check on the heating system plus maintenance the problem. That was the first time in a while that I have been disappointed with a trip to the state park. I actually felt that the staff could have been much more helpful


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