The service tune-up showed a loose duct

Each year before the Summer season begins, our spouse & I have a full system tune-up performed on our Heating & Air Conditioning unit.

The full system tune-up covers all of the electrical & mechanical parts of the Heating & Air Conditioning system, and for the past multiple years, our spouse & I have diligently had the service performed.

This year was the first time both of us ever received bad news while I was in a tune-up. The service worker worked on the quality of our air duct & found some complications. The service tune up showed a loose duct above our kitchen. The ducting was detached from the rest of the system. This was likely the reason why both of us were having so several complications cooling our kitchen. The service worker gave us a fantastic deal on the labor & fees for the air duct repair. It took about an minute to complete the work. The service worker also worked on the rest of our duct toil while he was in the attic, however he did not find any additional spots that needed work, although he did say that our air duct was easily old & would need to be upgraded in the next multiple years, and replacing all of the air duct is an extremely lavish & time-consuming task. When that time finally arrives, the 2 of us we’ll find the cheapest & best provider to handle all of the work. That type of task will require multiple estimates from multiple unusual Heating & Air Conditioning service dealers in the valley. The two of us will easily want to be sure to get the best price when having all of the remaining air duct upgraded.


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