36900 Feet Up in the Atmosphere Writing My Articles

The world is such a strange locale nowadays.

I’m flying in an airplane with our mask on while writing content on our ipad about HVAC over the North Pole.

Imagine telling this to the Wright brothers 100 plus years ago, even though they entirely couldn’t have known that it would ever be possible. At least I’m not getting blown away with cold air from the Heating and A/C system. I used to own a paint company 20 years ago and the difference in our workdays now couldn’t be more different. I remember the time I was spray painting inside a condo and they had the central heat on and the mist from the spray went into the central Heating and A/C idea and messed up the whole thing. It clogged up the air filter however also a lot of paint particles got into the ductwork and covered it with a colorless glaze. It cost me a lot of money to get it repaired, however that was still child’s play compared to this paint company that got oil based paint on 90 cars when painting a bridge outside on a windy day. I guess it must have cost them a quarter of a million dollars to repair all of the disfigurement, so I don’t feel so excruciating about our excruciating Heating and A/C unit day I had. Now I can’t touch a paintbrush or ladder anymore and I couldn’t be happier. I don’t guess that our body could handle all of that lifting anymore, and besides, I enjoy spending our energy on cleaning our own Heating and A/C idea and keeping the ductwork free of dirt and dust, however not colorless paint thank God.

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