I felt that the HVAC technician was coming today

I felt that the HVAC technician was coming today.

I am so glad that I listened to my gut instinct and got ready because the HVAC technician did show up at my house today.

I called the HVAC company two days ago about fixing my furnace, and they told me that the soonest they could have an HVAC technician at my house was today but it would most likely not be until tomorrow. I was sort of bummed because my furnace was having such a hard time heating my house. It is super cold outside, and it has been for a few weeks now. I am glad that my furnace never fully quit working, but it was definitely struggling to keep up with the intensely cold temperatures outside. I had to use my stove to help heat my kitchen. I don’t know why but my kitchen is always the coldest room in my house. The HVAC technician that showed up at my house today was super nice, and he explained to me why my furnace wasn’t able to keep up with the cold weather. He told me that I need a new furnace, and that really hurt. I have been trying to save up for a new car, and buying a new furnace was definitely not in the budget. I am glad that the HVAC technician came today because I was about to make a rather large purchase, and I would have regretted it once I found out that I would have to buy a new furnace. I try to always follow my gut instincts when it comes to the timing of things because I am usually right.

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