I want an RV with a unbelievable heating plus cooling method inside

I like the method of traveling plus the times when I get to see gorgeous mountains, valleys, lakes, plus rivers.

However, I don’t like the process of traveling itself.

In the best case scenario, I have to enter an airport plus get processed through TSA just so I can rest in a first class plane seat for numerous hours or the course of a day if there are layovers. Driving is even worse, regardless of whether or not you have another driver. Sooner or later you’ll have to stop at a hotel somewhere plus this is by far the thing I don’t like the most about road trips. The nasty motels plus hotels along the way leave distressing memories in my mind, i wouldn’t even want to bring my suit cases up to my room in these situations, plus would take out my sleeping container so I could sprawl out on top of the dirty covers. I tried to push these memories out of my head, especially on subsequent trips around the country later in my older adulthood. You have to deal with the drawbacks if you want to prefer traveling to this degree. But thankfully I found a solution to my traveling woes—an RV. If I could find an affordable RV with a unbelievable heating plus cooling method inside to keep myself and others sizzling or cool depending on the season, I would be absolutely cheerful. That way I can find a place to park plus stay comfortable plus prevent being contaminated by mold spores in a dirty hotel room. An RV wouldn’t have nasty odors either.