I would never be so bold as to recharge my air conditioner with more coolant by myself

I haven’t said a word to him about it and I never plan on it

I got too obsessed with DIY projects over the past two years, and now I have a lot of half finished junk in my garage. I have always struggled with finishing projects, as early as elementary school. Whenever we had to build something for school, I would often waste valuable time just trying to solidify an idea after constantly changing my mind. The rushed projects would give me poor grades in the end as well. This clearly didn’t bode well for my college ambitions, because I failed after two semesters of an encumbered effort on my part. Now I work with my hands in a factory and enjoy what I’m doing more than ever before. The work is steady and it takes the “guesswork” out of earning a living. Since my DIY projects don’t affect my work, I can make my failures in privacy in my garage. As bold as I have been with my DIY projects, I would never bee dumb enough to try servicing my own heating and cooling system. My friend tried to recharge his central air conditioner with more coolant after successfully doing it himself in his car. I tried to tell him that they aren’t the same thing, and that over-filling an air conditioner with refrigerant will lead to serious system breakdowns. He didn’t follow my advice and now he needs a new air conditioner. He totaled the system and he’s extremely angry about it. I haven’t said a word to him about it and I never plan on it. At least it’s a lesson for me if nothing else—don’t ever attempt DIY work on an HVAC system.
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