Icy Cold Air Conditioning on the Plane

Well, I’ve done it. I’ve gone several hours without the use of Wi-Fi, it is possible. I have the hum of the air conditioner and the roar of the airplane engine to amuse me, however other than that I have no other means for entertaining myself because the seat monitors are all out on the plane. This plane is almost empty and I have the whole row all to myself. I wonder how they can make enough money when there are only about 50 people on the plane for a long international flight. Maybe they will start charging us for using the Oh you want some heat? That will be $10 for 10 minutes. I shouldn’t write that or someone in the airline industry could see it and might put an idea in their head. I guess the heat pump is excruciating or something because I am trying to get some better heat from this vent however the air is only slightly warm. Maybe they have the temp control set so it doesn’t get too hot on the plane. Every one of us don’t have many people on board to moderate it up here so maybe they should crank the heat a bit more. I’ll go to see if I can find the smart temperature control and adjust it myself. I guess the two of us have about more than three or 4 more thirds to go until the two of us touchdown and after that the two of us wait a little more and jump on yet another plane for more than one more thirds. I’ll get to my beach house a single day, I hope. I am going to ask the repair crew to take a look at the heat pump whenever the two of us land.