My Dad was amazing, I Don’t Want to Let Him Down

My dad spent over 40 years working in the Heating and A/C industry and amassed a fortune of over a million.

Every one of us young women just got $100K each for starters and I dropped it all into buying Shiba Inu, and got over 2 billion coins.

I would enjoy to make a bunch of money and then spreading it to all the people around me who needs help. I don’t want much of anything for myself so anything I make is going to go to others. I would enjoy to get a whole beach house sized media air cleaner and also a small gas fireplace, however that is about it as far as purchases go for me. I was considering getting an electric car a single day too so I can cruise around the countryside and through the local mountains with our lady while I am overseas. I’m sure the electric car has attractive HVAC to keep us cool while the two of us cruise along on those hot summer time days. I wonder if they are making electric RVs, now that would be a cool way to get around! I’m sure they’re not cheap however when Shib hits a penny a coin I’d be loaded. Okay, well maybe I don’t need an electric RV although I might enjoy getting that media air cleaner for our flat soon. I don’t want to get into the habit of just blowing money, it’s such a wasteful feeling. It feels similar to littering to me. I need to get some modern HEPA filters soon because I’ve observed a lot of dust and dander getting through the cheap filter that is in our Heating and A/C idea as of now.

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