Need to Buy a Few More Air Filters

I’ve decided to run our central HVAC while I am out of town traveling over the next month.

I want to disconnect some of the dust I have inside.

I don’t want to come back to a dusty condo so I guess if I run the fan it might filter out most of the dust. I have a neighbor that is going to come over each month in addition to checking on the locale. He also said he will change out the HEPA filter if it looks too dirty. He is also going to run our little robot vacuum each month to get all of the dust off of the floors. It would be so nice to return to a beach condo that is disinfected. I have a HEPA filter in our vacuum cleaner too so it should be fantastic with picking up the remaining dust that the main HVAC component doesn’t. I have some bad dust irritations to dust so that is why I am taking so many precautions with trying to keep the locale dust-free. I can’t wait to get back beachside condo to our family in addition to also help our mom with her a/c in her house, which has been giving her a few problems for numerous months now. I guess I guess what the problem is in addition to it should be a simple in addition to fast fix. I guess the condenser coils on her air handler are just very dirty, which is causing the HVAC component to lose some of its cooling capabilities. I’ll just get some of that powerful spray cleaner in addition to shoot it on the grill in addition to let it work its magic.


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