No WIFI on the Plane, Just Air Conditioning

Well, I’ve actually done it.

I’ve gone 5 hours without using WIFI, so it is possible.

I have the constant hum of the a/c vent in addition to airplane engines to amuse me, but other than that I have no other means of entertainment because all of the monitors are inoperable on the plane. This airplane is close to empty in addition to I have the whole row to myself. I wonder how they make any cash when there are less than 50 people on this plane for a long international flight. Maybe they’ll start charging us for using the a/c. Oh so you want some heat? That will be $10 for an hour. I shouldn’t write that or someone in the airline industry could read it in addition to might get an plan in their head. I guess the heat pump has gone bad or something because I am trying to get some heat from this vent but the air is only a little warm. Maybe they have the thermostat set so it doesn’t get too boiling on the plane. The passengers don’t have a lot of people on board to boiling it up here so maybe they should crank up the heat a bit more. I’ll go in addition to see if I can find the smart thermostat in addition to adjusting it myself. I guess all of us have about another hour to go until all of us touchdown in addition to after that I wait numerous hours in addition to climbing on yet another plane for numerous more hours. I’ll get beach condo 1 day, I hope. I am going to ask the service tech to take a look at the heat pump when all of us land.

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