The plane Has HEPA Filters in the Air Purifier

I just asked our steward about the Heating and A/C unit and she said they have a large media air cleaner with a HEPA air filter to help catch all of the bacteria floating around the cabin.

  • I feel a lot better knowing that fact, because each time I hear someone sneeze I get a little upset as I haven’t acquired either of our vaccines yet.

It’s nice to know they are on top of the air purification game on the plane. I only got 1 single shot so far and am getting more than one more shots when I get back to the states, so I suppose between the more than two shots I should be okay with all of the Covid stuff. I guess I’ve already had it once, so it entirely wouldn’t be as excruciating if I got it again however it’s better to be safe than sorry. So I am almost halfway to the USA, anywhere over the top of the world, just writing and relaxing. I have our little air conditioner vents above me open blowing fresh air on me while I chill out in our empty row. I have a couple seats in a row here empty, so I can lie down fully stretched out without touching anyone. I’ve got a nicer setup than those people in first class for a fifth of the price. I’m sure they have heated seats and so the two of us are all breathing the same nice air quality and on the same plane so it honestly isn’t a massive difference. And besides, they can’t lie down fully flat enjoy me. I guess I’ll ask the pilot after the two of us land if I can see their air conditioner real quick, just to see how big the unit is.


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