Turning the basement into a movie room

Bill has always been the baby of the family, but he was born about 10 years after his parents knew they were done giving birth to children.

  • His youngest brother was a decade older than him and he constantly tortures Bill with this fact, however as a kid, Bill was dotted on by everyone and quite spoiled! It was hard for him to find his independence, and only his older brother saw him for who his was and was never afraid of correcting him.

Bill grew closer to him since he always listened to his ideas and gave him a choice to try things out without much hand holding. His brother was the one who kept encouraging Bill to showcase his amazing cooking skills online and he became a traveling chef, then with the cash he made, Bill obtained his first apartment last year and it was no surprise it was in the same area as his sibling’s home, the apartment was in good condition and even came with an excellent heating and air conditioning unit. Bill was glad he didn’t have to purchase and install a new HVAC plan in the apartment since that wasn’t cheap. However, one part of the apartment that stood neglected was the basement. Instead of leaving it bare, Bill thought of turning it into a movie room. To do so, he had to find a way to ventilate the basement since it wasn’t connected to the central HVAC system. Bill consulted with an AC business in the space and l learned about ductless AC systems. He could buy one and use it in the basement. A ductless AC plan was cheaper, easy to use and wasn’t hard to install in that space.

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