We had to sleep in front of the fire when the heating failed

I love my friends but they are a crazy bunch. Some time last winter, we planned a random trip to a cabin one of them knew about. She recalled that it was not too far away and we could stay there for the weekend. After placing a call, she confirmed the cabin was empty and that’s how the trip came about. Other people plan things in advance to get their schedules right, but that’s not the life we live in college. If we want to go do something, we just have to find the means. We pulled together the cash we had, did shopping, fueled the cars and left. The whole drive to this place took hours since we kept stopping to admire the view. Finally, we arrived at the cabin at 7 pm and my friend went in to turn on the heating system. It was snowing and freezing so we looked forward to spending the night in the cabin. However, it seemed there was an issue with the heating system. The unit would turn on but no warm air was blowing into the cabin. This was such a burst but it was too late for the owner to send over a repair person to fix the faulty heating system. Still, we had to find a way to heat the house which meant lighting the fire. We had a portable heating unit which we used to keep the kitchen warm while cooking. When it was time to sleep, we all piled into our sleeping bags in front of the fire. We were determined to get the heating system fixed the following day.

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