Why do Heating & A/C specialists like their task?

Why do Heating & A/C specialists like their tasks? I have no system why they like their tasks, to be honest.

I was an Heating & A/C specialist for over more than nine years, & I hated every hour of it.

I don’t recognize if it was the part that I lived in or what, however the Heating & A/C specialists were so frustrating they had so many complications outside of work, & the customers were not much different. The customers often cussed me out for no reason. I was the best Heating & A/C specialist where I worked, & everyone knew it. I was always being asked by repeating & new customers to come & help them with their Heating & A/C needs. I was so highly advised that I ended up having to create a waitlist for customers that particular ly wanted me to help them with tier Heating & A/C needs. It was quite the task, although I didn’t appreciate being an Heating & A/C specialist. It was difficult work, & there were many times when I needed help diagnosing a problem, & I didn’t get the help that I needed, but working as an Heating & A/C specialist was legitimately our least favorite task, & I have had quite a few tasks in our time. I have asked other Heating & A/C specialists since if they like their tasks, & they have all said that they do like their tasks as Heating & A/C specialists, so maybe, it is just me. Maybe, I was not split out to be an Heating & A/C specialist, although I still don’t understand how Heating & A/C specialists like their tasks in general. Heating & A/C work is brutal.

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