You’d be surprised what kind of gunk and grime you find in old metal ductwork

I was proud when our sister’s side gig of cleaning homes on the weekends turned into a successful business.

She catered to people residing in wealthy citys because she met numerous of them through our parents and they knew our sister was someone they could trust.

When you have overpriceds in your house, you don’t want any random person coming inside to clean when you’re not at home. Even a security camera isn’t going to stop someone from bolting with $50,000 worth of jewelry in the course of multiple minutes. Since our sister was so attentive to detail, she had more referral purchasers than she could handle at first, forcing her to quit her normal task and devote herself to her company full time. These people trusted our sister because she proved to be reliable and even-handed time after time when she was hired for one task after the next. Eventually she had enough work where she could start hiring employees and slowly scale and expand. Now she has branched off into things as diverse as company cleaning and even ductwork cleaning. One of her first employees had an Heating and Air Conditioning certification and convinced her that ductwork cleaning was a lucrative business. You have to possess licenses to do ductwork cleaning properly. There are numerous scam artists out there who try to do the work poorly for purchasers who are clueless about their lack of experience and unsatisfactory tools to complete the task, but now she’s doing so much ductwork cleaning that she had to separate the company into several separate entities, curating even more success than before.

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