Bob needed a humidifier

Bob loves a challenge and never backs out of an idea to live his best life.

Last year, he went camping in winter after seeing a guy abroad do the same.

Bob had been camping out in the wilderness all his life, but he’d never thought of camping in winter. Well, this was one of those challenges that were an absolute failure. The first night sleeping outside on the cold, snowy ground, even with heating, was a nightmare. Bob packed up and drove to a campsite he’d seen offering cottages for rent with heating systems in them. Instead of heading home the following day, Bob opted to stay a bit, do some work for his remote job and explore. He came upon an advertisement for a cottage for sale in the area and jumped at the chance. He’d keep his loft in the city and have a cottage in this amazing area. Bob went to stay in the cottage just to get a feel of the place and loved that it had an excellent furnace system. The cottage was cozy, and the location was so great that Bob stayed there for a month. As an adventurer, changing his mind and extending his stay is nothing new. During that month, Bob got to know the area of the cottage and some improvements to make on it. Part of it was to get a humidifier. The one month was enough to make Bob’s skin dry, and felt ill from time to time. He knew this was all because of dry air and made a checklist to repurchase a humidifier in the city.

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