Buying a new AC unit

I’m not sure when it all started, however, multiple years ago, my partner and I had a fire… In October, both of us were trying to buy new Christmas decorations for our house and they were all sold out. It was the start of October and there wasn’t a Christmas decoration to be had, unless you wanted an open package or something slightly broken. Now, this year, both of us decided to go looking for a new window air conditioner component for our living room. Although our old air conditioner component was still in excellent condition, it was so heavy that my partner and I could no longer install it on our own. As a result, the two of us headed into town in search of a new window air conditioner. There were multiple new ones available for purchase, however none of them were the size that fit our window. After calling every housing store in the area and asking about their air conditioning selection, it became clear that we were simply out of luck. Four days later, we received a follow up call from the local Heating and Air Conditioning dealer. Our initial contact inquired about their air conditioning inventory for our specific window size. We were informed that they didn’t handle window A/C units, however if they heard anything about one, they would call me. This was their callback. One of their customers had purchased a window A/C component just to get them through until their central A/C component was repaired… He was willing to sell it to me for what he paid for it, minus 10 percent for the usage he got out of it.



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