My sibling started a bee extermination company

The other day I talked to him, and he was in between tasks

Very few of summers ago, our sibling decided that he was going to start up a bee extermination business… When he first started talking about doing it, I did not guess how well it was going to turn out for him, but honestly, sometimes our sibling gets involved in tasks and businesses that just don’t turn out well for him. He starts out really well with something, but then he kind of forgets about it and goes on to the next thing, and for his family, it’s pretty frustrating sometimes. However, he kind of surprised us with this whole bee extermination business. He ended up starting up the bee extermination company with just him and his 1 friend, they did wasp removal, yellow jacket removal, and bee eradication and rescue. He put an ad in the newspaper and 1 online for bee eradication and rescue, and he got all kinds of calls and texts about it; Apparently, there aren’t that many people around here who labor with bees at all; I know our sibling finally did something right, because he ended up opening a company in exactly the right market. He is busy nearly all the time doing local extermination tasks and he has recently even been doing some commercial bee removal as well. The other day I talked to him, and he was in between tasks. He told myself and others that he was so busy that he was going to have to hire several extra helpers for the summer. I am really proud of him and how well he is doing in the bee removal business.


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