Passing along stories from a different generation

I loved it when my Grandpa started to talk about his childhood.

It’s so interesting to learn about what life was like for different generations.

The way he told the story, he regularly had to walk both ways uphill, just to go to school, and he was regularly walking in knee deep snow with holes in his shoes. If that were me, I would never go to school! I don’t leave the house in the winter without my boots and jacket. Honestly, you’d think the man would have contracted frostbite or hypothermia! My grandpa insists that kids were just tougher back then, and it sure sounds like he was right. Another thing I had never considered was the advances in heating and cooling technology that have been made in his lifetime. The first modern air conditioning system was not invented until the early 1900s, and it was certainly not standard for homes to have air conditioning. My grandpa said he didn’t even know what an air conditioner was as a child. He said they didn’t even believe what the air conditioner was back then. They had an open fireplace to keep them warm in the Wintertime… No matter how young he and his siblings were, they all took their turn going outside for firewood, or to take care of the cows. We laughed when he told his stories, however I had a feeling that most of the stories were true. I never realized just how long my Grandpa’s life had been and how much different his life was from ours today. My grandpa joked that the best thing in his life came when he got an air conditioner in his house and no longer needed to go outside to fetch wood for the fireplace! We all laughed, and I gave him a stubborn look. He reached out to hug me. He said he was grateful that he lived long enough to get to know his granddaughter.

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