The job makes it tough

All throughout my school years, I was involved in many athletic interests.

I played volleyball, ran track & did tennis & gymnastics.

Once I got into college, I utilized my 24/7 access to the gym on campus. I kept myself active & in decent shape. After I joined the workforce, my life changed. I was working long hours to get noticed & receive a promotion & a pay raise. My task is totally stationary. I sit at a desk, stare at a screen & style on a keyboard. Sometimes, I talk on the phone. It didn’t take long for me to gain some weight & start suffering some aches & pains. My joints felt slender & stiff. My neck, lower back, hips & knees began bothering me. I was struggling to sleep at night & feeling sleepy & sluggish all day long. I dealt with frequent headaches & noticed the signs of depression. I worried I would need to quit my job. I realized that I needed to make my health & happiness a priority. I started setting an earlier alarm, so that I’d have enough time to stop at the gym on my way to work. My membership gave access to a wide variety of treadmills, ellipticals, rowing machines, stationary bikes & stair climbers. I spent at least 30 minutes elevating my heart rate & working up a sweat. I made sure to focus on strength training & stretching. I noticed that I was suddenly in a better mood & more productive at work. This motivated me to be more careful about my eating too. I’ve now started running or going for walks in the nights, kayaking on the weekends & being more active in my free time.