The leaky vent ruined our whole dinner

My partner as well as myself went to a new restaurant as well as had an awesome experience. The place had a band playing live music as well as really good food. They delivered to the side of the pub. The place had a genuinely delicious ice cream shop as well. The live rock & roll band completely crushed their set. The band did covers of old rock and roll songs however their talent was recognizable. There was only a single thing that dipped our experience and that was the air conditioner vents leaking onto our table. The air conditioner that was set up in a way that there was no place for us to move our table. When the water was dripping in the air was running it was moving all over the table and in all odd directions. We wanted to stay there for a while so we could listen to the band as well as have beers. We got the waiter to bring us some rags that we could use to stop up all of the air conditioner vents are epic. The waiter told us the air conditioner has done this for multiple weeks as well as management was not going to send someone to fix the problem. With something care air conditioner drip edge, the people I was with as well as myself were not very happy to stay there and enjoy all of the amenities. We felt that the air conditioner should have been examined right away and it would only be a small matter of time before it was a real problem that the restaurant would absolutely need to attend to.

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