There was an air conditioning system in the cabin when they bought it

Tom said he didn’t have any air conditioning when he was younger.

Before he knew it, his classmate was calling him a liar and teasing him in front of the class. The lady went on to give out dates when the air conditioning system was available in homes all across the country. According to her, this was much earlier than when Tom went through childhood. He quietly sat back and let her talk. When she finished, Tom stated they didn’t have an air conditioning system because his dad couldn’t afford it. Yes, there were a lot of people who had air conditioning system in their homes. Even most of his childhood friends grew up with air conditioning systems. But, they didn’t have ailing grandparents who needed round the clock care. Their parents were scholars working in big universities, or there was an air conditioning system in the cabin when they purchased it. Tom recalls the exact date his dad purchased their first window air conditioning system unit. He installed it in his grandparents’ bedroom that was downstairs and had fans to blow it through upstairs so they could all benefit from the cool air. Tom was okay with not having a perfect air conditioning system when growing up. He’d put a blanket and pillow on the roof outside his bedroom and fall asleep there until the mosquitoes started to bite. He chose to go inside where it wasn’t as cool to get away from the mosquitoes. Tom thought this would shut this girl up, but she had some sharp words about mosquitoes biting when there were not any lights. Tom walked away. He wished the air conditioning system conversation hadn’t been brought up, but in the end, it was the lady who looked stupid.



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