We had to find a plumbing contractor closeby

When the plumbing contractor removed the drywall, we saw a lot of mold

Winter weather in this part of the country is very cold and frigid. The average winter temperatures are around 10 degrees. The area receives a large amount of precipitation. In November and December, the precipitation is rain. In January and February, the precipitation is snow and ice. It’s important to keep the house warm during the winter for a number of reasons. Of course it is much more comfortable inside of the house when the temperatures are warm, but it is also important for the plumbing. The plumbing pipes can crack and leak when temperatures are too cold. When one of the plumbing pipes cracked last year, we had to find a plumbing contractor close by and quickly. The pipe was leaking into the floorboards. I couldn’t turn off all of the water to the house, so I had to manage the leaking pipe. The plumbing contractor from town came to the house to look at the issue. He told my wife and I that the leaking pipe was actually behind the wall. He removed a whole panel of drywall to gain access to the pipes behind the wall. When the plumbing contractor removed the drywall, we saw a lot of mold. We had to contact a mold remediation team to get rid of the black mold, before the plumber could continue with the work. The whole problem could have been avoided if we had caught the plumbing leak a few weeks earlier. Unfortunately, my wife and I don’t really use the hall bathroom unless there are guests in the house.

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