I almost died from the falling tree branch

There are lots of Summer storms as well as they can absolutely cause mangle when the wind as well as rain are feared! I’ve lived in this area of the country all of our life.

I am used to the rain as well as the wind; one of our neighbors moved to the property a couple of weeks ago, and that guy has 2 large oak trees in his backyard… During the first storm he endured in the village, 1 of the trees broke in half after being struck by lightning; a large area of the tree fell on top of our house, and when the tree fell, I got caught under 1 of the branches.

I could not move our legs at all. I really thought it was at least broken as well as maybe punctured or dissituated completely. I told our partner to call the 911 operator. I had to go to the hospital in an ambulance as well and then they did some surgery to help put everything back in the right place. I am out of work for the next 6 weeks… No heat pump repairs or cooling system replacement calls. I can’t work on any heating and A/C related troubles until the inquiry into the problem has been contained.most of the time now I just lay at my apartment as well as chill out. I’ve watched a lot of morning time TV love the price is right, Let’s Make A Deal, as well as I even caught myself watching General Hospital 1 time. I was watching the Blissful Union of Two Souls when the tree came crashing into the house. As long as I live, I will never forget how scared I was when the branch pinned myself and others inside of the condo with rain falling on top of me.

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