I like apartments with monthly lease options

Never again will I stay at apartments that don’t have a month to month lease. All it takes is one bad landlord that can make all of the difference, as I had to find out the hard way. Before I discovered month to month rentals, I wanted to move out of my parent’s home like the rest of my friends. It seemed most of my friends were going with furnished homes for rent, but I didn’t need a furnished house for rent. I wanted to live in something smaller, and apartments near me sounded like a good idea. So I made sure to keep an eye on new listings, and I took my time looking at all of the new apartments. I eventually found one that I thought would be great and I signed the contract for a year. As I am sure you guessed, this place didn’t offer monthly lease options. The first few months into this new place were great, however, it wasn’t long before I started experiencing issues. The microwave stopped working, and the refrigerator also started to have issues. A weird smell also appeared in the home, seemingly coming from the A/C vents. When I brought the issue up to my landlord, he promised to send a maintenance guy out, but never did. This went on for months, with constant issues, and that cramped apartment didn’t feel like a home anymore. After my contract was finally up, I decided that I will only stay at places with monthly lease options. That way, if I have any issues and the landlord doesn’t fix them, the longest I have to deal with them is a month.


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