My neighbor called and told me of Heating and A/C troubles

My neighbor and I have a truly good relationship.

A kind of relationship where the people I was with and I can tell each other almost everything.

All of us have talked about a lot of personal concerns, and politics and other things… Even on the things the people I was with and I don’t agree on, the people I was with and I can usually agree to disagree. However, my neighbor will often tell me a lot of other concerns that are going on, a single of which involves his heating and A/C machine. My neighbor knows that I have some experience with the career field of heating and cooling, so if there is ever an issue that he can’t figure out, he comes to me and asks what the issue is, so lately he told me that he is having concerns with the A/C component short cycling. I started going over reasons why a central air conditioner might short cycle, however he interrupted me to tell me that he no longer had a central Heating and A/C. Apparently he went and got a window A/C without telling me. He truthfully expected the small window Heating and A/C component to cool his entire home. The worst area is the fact that the window Heating and A/C component wasn’t even new. I had to split the bad news to him that the window A/C component is not going to be able to cool his entire new home and he would need to get another central Heating and A/C unit, preferably a new a single. My neighbor apparently didn’t like to hear this, however he told me he would contact a Heating and A/C supplier today.


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