My new neighbor is a HVAC specialist

We ended up getting a new neighbor in our small community, and getting a new neighbor is always interesting because we live in a small, relatively unknown area.

People moving in is not something that happens often, and so I am always interested in new neighbors.

Something else is that most of the neighbors know each other around here, and so I was curious to get to know this new neighbor. There are already a few things I knew about him without even talking to him, and that is that he is a HVAC worker. He always has a very recognizable HVAC van parked outside of his house. Having a heating and air conditioning worker around here will be great, if I ever have any issue with my HVAC system, hopefully he wouldn’t mind helping. The second thing I knew is that he gets up around 7:00 in the morning every day and drives off, probably to go to his HVAC corporation job. I have been planning on bringing over a few gifts as a welcome to the neighborhood gift, however I have yet to find the time, because our schedules are pretty opposite. Anyways, when I do finally get to meet him, I will definitely have to ask what it is like to be a heating and air conditioning professional. Probably the best time to go and meet him will be on the weekends, since everyone is free on the weekends. Then I can present him with the welcome to the neighborhood gifts.

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