My sibling thinks she would like it better in the South

My sibling particularly loves the summer, as well as she says that the Summer is way too short up here where both of us live in the northern section of the country.

She says that it is way too freezing here all the time as well as she is sick as well as fatigued of using her heating system for all but three weeks out of the year.

I can understand that, but I keep telling her that if she moved to the South, it would just be the exact opposite, but down there, she would have to use her a/c for all but three weeks out of the year. I guess that would really end up costing her more than using the heating system where she is residing now. I just don’t guess that she is going to be any better off there than she is here. Some people just aren’t ever going to be pleased with what they have, no matter what it is. It’s one of those things that I don’t like about people a lot of the time. Anyway, I just don’t have much faith in the fact that my sibling thinks that she is going to be so much better off in the southern section of the country. I guess that she will legitimately dislike it because it’s going to be too warm as well as humid down there for her. The humidity is going to make her miserable because it ruins her hair as well as makes it super frizzy. I guess that she would be better off just staying put here where her family is. I guess that she’s going to spend money a lot more for a/c there than she would be paying for heating here.


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