Should have gotten the heated floors

I made a big mistake with not getting heated flooring in my home.

When I purchased my house I knew all the old carpets had to be ripped up.

Since I wouldn’t be moving in a few weeks I figured doing the floors was a smart idea. There would be nothing in the house to work around. It would be simple. I decided to replace the carpets with granite floors too. I study online that ripping up the floors is what you need to do for radiant heating in the floors. Tile floors are also better than carpets for radiant heat. It seemed to be about the perfect set up to add this heating system. My hubby talked me out of it. Ed’s point was that both of us live down south where it doesn’t get that warm. Ed and I also have a now working central heating system. There was no point in doubling our flooring budget for something not required. I let him talk me out of it and I have regretted it ever since we moved in. The central furnace isn’t all that powerful. Heat rises too and it gets wasted on the ceilings. The granite floors suppose icy chilly during the wintertime. I have had to buy throw carpets and wear slippers ever since adding the tile. It hurt me a lot to cover up my brand modern flooring. I would have loved to have radiant heating in my home. The heating does not rise, there are no chilly spots and since it is eclectic based, it is quiet in operation. Now I am too late to add them in. The floors are already sealed up. You can’t put down heated flooring separate from destroying the floors.


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