That sauna/gym combo was rough

I also had never worked out with a heating system on

I love to work out no matter where I am. On holidays I try to book hotels that have a gym. It is a nice way to start my day. I get a great stretch in, then an hour long workout as well as a shower to start my day. Then I am ready to shop, go to the beach or go for a hike. My hubby Zed loves to eat lunch, have his whiskey as well as relax while I do all this. All of us both appreciate our lazy afternoon holiday routines; Periodically finding a hotel gym is tough. Occasionally there are no spots in the area that offer a gym. Periodically I have to be satisfied with a patch of grass or jogging around the hotel. Occasionally I have booked larger hotel rooms just so I can work out inside the hotel room. The weirdest work out room I have ever experienced on holiday was a single 1 that was inside the sauna. The hotel had a gym, spa as well as sauna. I looked at pictures of the hotel gym online. It had a treadmill, sit down bike, jump rope as well as room to stretch. The pics were great enough. Well the spa as well as sauna were only separated from the gym by a flimsy curtain. That meant that the 85 degree sauna temperature on the climate control device was the same for the gym. There was no A/C at all! All the overheated tubs as well as steam showers in the spa created quite a bit of heat. I had never worked out in a gym with so little cooling before. I also had never worked out with a heating system on. It was horrible. I dripped with sweat the whole time as well as had to steal spa towels to mop myself up.
Cooling system