The gym was next to a sauna

I also had never worked out with a furnace on

I always work out no matter where I happen to be. On getaway I try to book hotels that have a gym. It is a nice way to kick off my afternoon. I get a fantastic stretch in, an hour workout and a quick shower to begin my afternoon. Then I am ready to shop, sit on the beach or go for a hike. My hubby Paul enjoys a light lunch, has his pop and relax while I do all this. Every one of us both appreciate our morning getaway routines. Occasionally trying to find a hotel gym is tough. Occasionally there are no places in the section that offer a gym. At times I have to be content with a patch of turf or running around the hotel. Other times I have booked greater hotel rooms just so I can work out inside the room. The worst work out room I have ever experienced on getaway was one that was inside the sauna. The hotel had its own gym, spa and sauna. I looked at pictures of the gym online. It had a few treadmills, sit down bike, jump rope and room to stretch. There, fantastic enough. Well the spa and the sauna were only separated from the gym by a curtain. That meant that the ninety-plus degree sauna temperature on the thermostat was the same for the gym. There was no AC there at all! All the sizzling tubs and steam baths in the spa created quite a bit of heat. I had never exercised in a gym with no cooling before. I also had never worked out with a furnace on. It was horrible. I was dripping with sweat the entire time and had to steal spa towels to mop myself up.

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