The office needed air conditioner repairs

I picked up a new task this week, which is cleaning a contractor office that belongs to lawyers… I truthfully thought it would be an straight-forward gig.

I figured that lawyers were actually a single of the cleanest people.

I was actually as well as totally wrong; the conference rooms are all a mess with pop cans, Tim Hortons Latte cups, as well as food wrappers all over the table, counter, as well as floor! But believe it or not, I have even found gum under that table, not a single one in that room is a kid, so there should never be gum under the table! When I started cleaning the law office, the flooring was dingy as well as the A/C was exhausting too. Thankfully, I work in the evening thankfully, so I did not have to be actually upset about the cooling system. When the temperatures became actually moderate as well as uncomfortable, the A/C was an issue that had to be fixed, however my whole routine was slowed down due to the moderate indoor temperatures. I finally complained to the owner of the cleaning lady, however she said we can’t option our clients or our tasks. I have spent the last 3 weeks cleaning the law office without any A/C or climate control… Suddenly this last evening, things were different. I got to the building as well as opened the door as well as a giant waft of cold air hit me in the face. My arms were immediately cold as well as covered with chill bumps, and during the weekend when I was off, the law office had some swings made as well as that included the air conditioning system. It is now finally working the way it should thanks to some complaints.