The smoke in the city was driving me crazy

As much as I enjoy living in the city, and it definitely has its benefits, there is one big drawback I really hate.

It’s not the noise, or the occasional rude person, or the traffic, it’s the pollution.

Cities are known for being really polluted, and people do not help by throwing litter on the streets. The air quality in this city is extremely poor, and I blame it on the fact that there is a factory nearby that seems to spend 24 hours pouring out black smoke. The air quality was getting so bad it was even affecting my indoor air quality! I decided that enough was enough, and that I wasn’t going to tolerate it anymore. I decided to go online and research a bit about whole home media air cleaners. I had heard a lot about whole home media air purifiers, and they seem to generally be pretty popular. However, I also know that air cleaners in general were pretty expensive, so I wanted to make sure the air purifier could do the job right if I was going to spend all of that money. The particular air cleaner I was looking at was on a HVAC business’ website, and they seemed to have pretty good reviews. I called and even talked to their professional A/C technician and asked some questions. The heating and cooling specialist was kind and answered all of my questions, and by the end of our conversation, I was confident that getting the whole home media air cleaner was a good idea, and so I bought one off of their website.



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