You’re not supposed to date clients at my job

A couple of weeks ago, I went to help a customer with a residential heat pump repair, but while I was helping the customer, all of us talked a lot, then all of us actually had a lot of things to say and I absolutely loved our conversation! I would have liked to continue our conversation, but the HVAC business where I work has a legitimately strict policy about fraternizing with customized. I would have tried to get her PC number at least, but a single of our co-workers was fired for the same exact thing. I couldn’t take the opportunity of losing our task. I knew that I offered up a good opportunity. I actually felt as if she was digging me too. I wasn’t expecting that person to call back, but she did, but one month later, the person called and requested me by name… But the manager thought it was odd that the customer requested for me by name, even though I told him that I was the person who originally helped with the heat pump repair. When I arrived at the customer’s address, she did not want to discuss the heat pump repair! She admitted that she could not stop thinking about me since I was there fixing the heat pump. I also admitted the same exact thing, even though I told her about the policy all of us have at work. She did not seem legitimately interested in hearing about the policy at work. She was adamant that the 2 of us should have supper later that night and maybe supper in the day too. There was no way I was going to say no to that proposal.

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