A make-believe Heating and Air Conditioning repairman

Cole’s heating and air conditioning method had enough duct tape to stretch for miles.

She believed that she could service anything that had to do with heating technology, not that Cole had any professional training as an Heating and Air Conditioning tech however simply because there was the internet! Cole also did not like spending money on things she could find on the internet search to get a possible answer.

Cole installed her radiant floors using the hydronic gas furnace. She has a gas furnace/heater replacement that made all this possible. Cole had attempted gas furnace/heater repair twice in our house, however the last time Cole did it, I ended up calling the Heating and Air Conditioning provider. It is because, from her work, I was sure that it would only be a matter of time before I started replacing parts of the quality Heating and Air Conditioning equipment. The only thing regarding our whole house heating method that she has never touched in our house is the temperature control unit. She told me that if it broke down, I was free to call an Heating and Air Conditioning repairman to service it. I tried to encourage him to venture into the Heating and Air Conditioning business, although she preferred to work from house on her PC. Cole would make an excellent heating business, however sadly she is not interested. Some of her energy-saving tips were extreme, and I only applied a few of them. She also only trusted one heating corp to perform gas furnace/heater tune-up. She is honestly frugal, however when she sets her mind to trying to service something, she does extensive research before embarking on it. She also has a portable space gas furnace just in case things go south. A few things are worse than a chilly night without quality heating.
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