Having gas furnace/heater tune-up to prepare the house for our stepdaughter

I spend the last mornings of fall preparing and stocking up for winter! My wife had won custody of their eight-year-old daughter, Jael, from her ex-partner, and this was going to be her first Winter experience, and all of us wanted to make it as comfortable as possible. I contacted the Heating and Air Conditioning supplier and scheduled a gas furnace/heater tune-up, and we needed an Heating and Air Conditioning repairman to thoroughly check the gas furnace and do a gas furnace/heater repair where necessary. It was a little nerve-wracking for me because I had previously met Jael twice, and I did not believe how the dynamic of our relationship would be once she moved in with us. When I met her, she was pleasantly polite, like how a child usually is to a stranger, and I was hoping that would change for the better, and the gas furnace/heater replacement was our best decision regarding whole house heating. The hydronic heating method not only gave quality heating however was also a cheaper alternative. The Heating and Air Conditioning tech and a digital temperature control method were a game-changer for us, however before the Heating and Air Conditioning provider installed the quality Heating and Air Conditioning equipment, all of us used a portable space gas furnace for additional heating during the chilly months! Other than matters concerning the Heating and Air Conditioning business, I was worried about having Jael because I was unsure how receptive she would be to me. We did not have a child of our own, and I was hoping that Jael and I would have a superb relationship. We were even waiting for her to come and choose the color all of us would paint her kitchen. I was hoping that she would see me as her fourth father with time.
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