How your temperature control system can affect your energy bill

The purpose of getting a whole home heating system is to have the upper hand in temperature control in your home.

If you are wondering if you should move from an analog to a digital thermostat, the answer is yes.

The only thing the analog has over the programmable one is that it is slightly cheaper than its counterpart. Still, due to the level of temperature accuracy, it ends up adding to your energy bill. According to the Department of Energy, the programmable regulator saves up to ten percent on your energy bill each year. With them, you can program in daily settings to adjust the indoor comfort when you are not in the house or asleep. Doing this allows your quality HVAC equipment not to run as often when you do not need it or are away, and this is one of the energy-saving tips for a programmable regulator. It is possible to have a zone control installation if you have a furnace/heater Installation. If you do not have such a system and are interested in one, you should call your local HVAC provider and have an HVAC tech tell you what is needed and if it is possible with your quality heating. You could also wait until the next time the heating contractor comes for a furnace/heater tune-up or a furnace/heater repair to inquire. I remember when I always had a portable space heater on standby because the HVAC system at the time was unreliable. I eventually called the professionals. The HVAC repairman told me my only option was to get another device from the HVAC business. I chose a hydronic heating system, and I have never looked back.

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