It was sold cheap

I read something particularly interesting the other day.

There was this huge auction that they have every year in the neighborhood where they auction off all kinds of things, then some go for crazy dirt cheap prices and some go for high dollar, well, at the most recently auction what I learned was that one of the best and most brand new and modern central heating and cooling systems on the market today went for dirt cheap! And when I am talking dirt cheap, I am not talking about 50 percent off or something like that, if you get lucky you can find those kinds of deals on new central heating and cooling systems at your local heat and cooling system dealership.

What I am talking about is the HVAC machine auctioned off for 80 percent off its usual price! That is a deal you would never find in any heating and cooling dealership anywhere, then how it went for that cheap is there were not too many interested in it. And one guy just happened to get particularly lucky in pulling this off. That is why it made the newspaper I was studying online, however because it was so amazing to get away with getting one of the top most high-priced central heating and cooling systems that cheap with no catch and not stealing it! I wish that was me. Because I am actually shopping for a new central heat and cooling system machine right now. It will be a little bit before I can afford to do it. I wish I would have been at that auction!


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