She had been searching for Heating and Cooling businesses

Zoe isn’t a big fan of the internet and computer age because of spyware. She got so much of it on her computer some time ago. And it was bringing her all these ads because of the search she did on the internet. But it just wasn’t any kind of ads. Zoe got so many ads for heating and a/c businesses. This was happening because Zoe had been searching for heating and a/c businesses at that time to locate one near her. The spyware she picked up somewhere along the way made note of this and was spamming her all the time with all these heat and a/c ads. Some of the heating and a/c ads that Zoe was seeing were for heat and a/c companies not even in her location. She also got ads about portable furnaces plus portable ACs on sale at many locales that were nowhere near her. Zoe was forced to contact a computer professional to get advice on how to remove the spyware that was behind all the heating and a/c ads on her computer. The computer expert remotely accessed Zoe’s computer and got rid of the spyware. She also installed a virus removal program to get rid of viruses that were found. These were also causing all the heating and a/c ads that Zoe was getting on her computer. Her hope is that this won’t happen again anytime in the near future. It cost Zoe close to $500 to get rid of this problem..