Broke down a little too soon

I had bought a new heating pump to heat our loft a few years ago, & the heating pump ended up cutting down on myself and others within 2 months of having it! It turned out the reason for this is because somehow the heating & a/c company sold myself and others a defective heating pump.

  • It wasn’t their fault, but the factory that made it was at fault.

The heating & a/c company was pretty good about all of this & they ended up uninstalling the bad heating pump & installing a respectfully working heating pump for myself and others at no extra cost at all. Which was a good thing because the cost of heating pump installation is way more costly than the installation of a central heating & air conditioner. The local heating & a/c company was particularly good about it all around, but ever since the common working heating pump was installed our loft has been particularly warm in the frigid Winter months of the year. Also our electric bills were much lower because the heating pump is a good energy saver all together. I would highly propose a heating pump to anyone who is looking for both quality heating in their homes in the frigid Winter months of the year & who is looking to save more money on energy use. It is good on both accounts. I am so cheerful that I invested in a heating pump for our loft & that the heat & a/c company finally got it right!
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